REPORT: Impact of border policy on manure transport in Europe
REPORT: Inventory of wastes produced in North-West Europe
REPORT: Identification of synergies and conflicts
REPORT: Legal framework of recovered phosphorus (struvite) as fertilizer in North-Western Europe
REPORT: Optimization model of GHG emissions from manure management
REPORT: Life-cycle costs of nutrient cycling
REPORT: Techniques for nutrient recovery from manure and slurry
REPORT: Techniques for nutrient recovery from digestate derivatives
REPORT: Techniques for nutrient recovery from household and industrial wastes
REPORT: Insights in the market for (recovered) nutrients
PRESS RELEASE: ManuREsource 2015
LEAFLET: Lab & field scale explorations of biobased fertilizers effectiveness
LEAFLET: Roadmap to the future nutrient management - Economic and ecologic sustainability
LEAFLET: Biodetection of Metallic Trace Elements (MTEs) in soils and wastes by the use of microorganisms
LEAFLET: Integrated nutrient recovery via co-fermentation of wood ash and pig slurry
LEAFLET: Use of algae for nutrient recovery
LEAFLET: Hydrothermal processing routes for recovery of nutrients
LEAFLET: Ammonia Sulfate from processed digestate
LEAFLET: Production of mineral concentrate
LEAFLET: Ammonia stripping and scrubbing
LEAFLET: Struvite precipitation from digested sludge
LEAFLET: Classification matrix of nutrient sources and recovery & reuse processes
LEAFLET: Biorefine Cluster Europe

Biorefine Final Conference

SUMMARY Biorefine Final Conference
PRESENTATION: Field trials with wood ashes - J. Gennen
PRESENTATION: Potential of ashes for nutrient recovery - F. Delvigne
PRESENTATION: The role and opportunities of fertilizer production for phosphate recycling - K. Langeveld
PRESENTATION: Nitrogen recovery from digestate by stripping and subsequent air scrubbing - R. Gerards
PRESENTATION: Phosphoric acid production, importance of raw materials and possibilities of recycling - H. Halleux
PRESENTATION: Nutrient recovery from waste water via biological algal uptake - M. Camargo-Valero