About the Biorefine Cluster Europe

The Biorefine Cluster Europe is an initiative bridging multiple projects in the domain of nutrient and energy cycling. The cluster aims to stimulate interaction between projects, enlarge the output/exposure of projects, and put the biorefinery concept on the agenda.

Ultimately, it is the mission of the Biorefine Cluster Europe to put renewable resources and resource recovery (including energy) from biobased sources on the agenda of both policy makers and industrial entrepreneurs. By doing this in joint concerted actions, the outreach of participating projects is significantly enhanced.

Five principal targets

The Biorefine Cluster Europe aims at five principle targets:

  1. Enhance interaction between the projects involved
  2. Enhance stakeholder outreach - streamlining events and output by jointly organizing them from multiple projects sharing common target groups
  3. Stimulate practical business implementation by (i) addressing market constraints identified from within the projects, (ii) by focusing on micro-economic case studies and by (iii) scaling up R&D to pilot validation & demonstration
  4. Support policy makers in their roadmaps towards a circular economy, based on sound scientific evidence
  5. Identify gaps in knowledge, requiring further investigation and subsequently addressing them via new project development


Research and market domains involved in the Biorefine Cluster Europe

The competence focus of the cluster can be subdivided in three categories: sourcing sustainable biomass, improving biomass conversion technology (with distinct attention for bio-energy processes) and refining and recuperating products from the bio-energy process sidestreams.


International Steering Group

The International Steering Group (ISG) functions as an informal "board of directors" in the sense that it watches over the strategic direction of the Biorefine Cluster Europe. It consists of experts associated to organizations / institutes / companies  that coordinate at least one of the actively running projects associated to the Biorefine Cluster Europe. Membership to the ISG is therefore open to new and renewed membership, based on projects within the cluster. The ISG meets approximately twice per year; these meetings are usually associated to supported events such as international conferences or joint workshops.


What the Biorefine Cluster Europe means for you

The Biorefine Cluster Europe aims to strengthen the outreach of participating projects by stimulating collaboration in regards with communications and the organization of events. To this end the cluster has set up several tools and media (e.g. joint project portal site, news bulletin, joint workshops, supported conferences) and progressively continues to set up further collaborations and joint actions.

When a new project joins the Biorefine Cluster Europe, the Lead Partner is taken up into the ISG (see above) and a bilateral interaction between the project communication manager and the cluster communicatiob manager is organized, in order to maximally synchronize activities and outputs between the new project and the other projects already in the cluster. The needs and mutual support can vary greatly between projects, but in general range from exchange of information, transfer of knowledge by organizing joint project meetings, facilitating organization of workshops / international events as well as attracting more audience to these events by twinning, adding exposure to project outputs by highlighting these in the BioRefine Bulletin (joint newsletter) as well as on the Biorefine Cluster Europe portal site.

In the future more community actions (e.g. PhD Training networks, COST actions) and use of social community media is foreseen to further develop the Biorefine Cluster community and the participating projects.



The organization and communication as relating to the Biorefine Cluster Europe is funded by the INTERREG NWE IV.B project BIOREFINE.