DLV Belgium

DLV Belgium is specialised in the advice and business development for agricultural, para-agricultural and companies in related sectors. In the sector of renewable energy through digestion DLV Belgium is a market leader with regards to environmental and construction consulting. The consultants and engineers of DLV Belgium have a lot of practical knowledge, experience and know-how regarding the agricultural sector (livestock, agriculture and horticulture) and related sectors such as animal feed industry, digesters, manure processing, food industry, slaughterhouses and waste management. DLV Belgium advises and assists its clients in the overall development, the change or the growth of their company and the entrepreneur in making important decisions (strategy development). DLV experts are mainly active in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland and Croatia. The specialties are divided into different knowledge groups (Business Units): - Environment (environmental and manure advice, licenses) - Construction (construction consultancy and architect contracts, licenses) - Energy (especially innovative forms of energy, biogas, PPO, solar panels) - Quality (Quality and Food Safety: GMP, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS, HACCP, ...) - Accountancy and Strategy (accounting, tax, operational and strategic advice and advice on acquisitions) - Production (optimizing operations with respect to crops) - Soil (advice in connection with soil pollution and remediation)


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