DLV Inno Vision


The DLV InnoVision team consists of engineers with a passion for innovation. Our goal is to optimize your innovation project, by helping you with our experience, knowledge and network. DLV InnoVision is a daughter company of Innova Manure and DLV Belgium. Through these mother companies and the sister company Innova Energy, DLV InnoVision has direct access to a lot of (practical) experience, know-how and a very broad network throughout different sectors.

DLV is a specialised, experienced, expert, efficient and decisive company, operating in the rural markets of agribusiness (both small and medium sized), nature and green areas and, last but not least, both governmental and non-governmental organizations charged/interested in rural development. Specifically, DLV works with customers as varied as:

  • producers, suppliers, traders, industrial companies, retail and (financial) service providers. These companies have their roots in the agricultural sector, but, due to the dynamics in the green area, they are more and more working for other customers.
  • organised interest groups and co-operative organisations like co-operations, associations and management institutions, but also institutes for professional training.
  • ministries, provinces and municipalities. They subsidise projects for nature conservation, environment, energy saving and they are concerned with the development of green areas.


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