Biomass for Energy - Accelerating Renewable Energies through the valorisation of Biogenic Organic Raw Material


09/2009 to 03/2015


€7 361 958.83

ARBOR is an Interreg IVB NWE project with 13 partners from 6 European regions dealing with the development of technological solutions and regional strategy development for improved sustainable biomass utilisation. The project is co-funded by local authorities from the United Kingdom, Flanders, Saarland, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, and Ireland
Arbor has a budget of € 7.361.958,83 and runs until March 2015.

ARBOR’s mission is to foster and accelerate sustainable development and use of biomass in North West Europe, to facilitate the achievement of 2020 energy objectives and to make EU a world-class centre for Biomass utilisation.

ARBOR aims to:

  • Foster transregional knowledge sharing to exploit the biomass potential of both the rural and the industrialised North West European regions through promotion of best practice examples
  • Reduce territorial disparities that exist in regulations and policies that stimulate and/or inhibit the development of a harmonised biomass based renewable energy policy
  • Reduce technological  barriers to the development of an efficient value chain for the conversion and optimisation of biomass to energy and subsequent recovery of residues from biomass conversion processes
  • Evaluate the sustainability and economic aspects of various biomass conversion technologies
  • Boost local economies and contribute to the development of a green, low carbon economy in NWE
  • Inform local, regional and European stakeholders on the potential of biomass feedstock and biomass conversion technologies in achievement of the EU 2020 renewable energy targets
  • Raise public support through a range of communication tools and activities

Project map: 

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